Transformation – a change in form, appearance or structure; Metamorphosis – a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism.  Interesting words to study, to experience, to observe in the real world, and transformations are happening all around us all the time.  A caterpillar mysteriously transforms into a butterfly in a matter of two weeks, a newborn transforming into an adult in a matter of 18 years … a life transformed in an instant, touched and changed for all of eternity by the love of God.

Transformations happen all around us all the time, and far too often, we don’t appreciate how amazing these transformations can be.

For MMI, we are transforming as an organization, and it is amazing to watch.  Our hope is that this transformation will gives us, as with the caterpillar, wings to fly, to soar to new lands with the message of hope.  As you may know, we are on a mission, a medical mission to send donated medical supplies and equipment to where they are needed the most across the globe.  Our goal – to send one container a month carrying nearly $500,000 worth of life saving supplies to our global partners.  To do that, we need to make changes, transformations.  How are we doing that?

  • Warehouse transformation – Over the last number of weeks, our Clovis warehouse has undergone a complete “makeover” – in process and appearance.  The key is having the ability to increase our volunteer labor force to sort more supplies so we can get them off of pallets and into containers.  Additionally, Dr. Ralph Handly has built our optometry lab to prepare glasses and eye equipment for shipment.


Left: Transformations begins.Right: Betty, Laurel, and Charlene (background right to left) discuss new sorting process beneath the flags of the world.

  • Our newly transformed website –, with new logo, updated photos, stories, videos, calendar, opportunities to volunteer, etc.  Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

These are just a few of the transformations happening at MMI as God prepares us for His ministry around the world.  His ministry?  To touch and transform lives through hope, the hope that comes through the love of Christ, that comes through a container arriving in Laos or India, through a construction team building a clinic in the Solomon Islands, through a medical team visiting Fiji.  We see a butterfly emerge and marvel at the beauty of what was just a few days before a land bound creepy-crawler.  But a life changed by the hand of God can change a village, a nation, perhaps the world – beyond what we can hope or imagine.

To all of our hard working volunteers, we offer thanks for the many hours you have spent working to make these changes.  To you who have supported us through prayer or by financial donation, thank you… you have made this all possible.  To our board and staff, your vision, heart and perseverance are amazing.  Thank you so much.