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#1 Malaita,
Solomon Islands
MMI ConstructionTeam
June 27 – July 13 , 2019
Cost: $3,500
Louie Martina, MMI Board President
“Come join me on a construction team to Malaita in the Solomon Islands. We will be building a medical clinic, a church and the headquarters for the EE program in that region.”…. Louie Martina
30′ x 36′ Medical Clinic
36′ x 64′ Church
36′ x 46′ Headquarters Building for Assemblies of God’s Evangelism Explosion EE Program
Louie shares that the qualifications for this job are “just a good attitude and ready for hard work.”
Contact Louie at 999-5444 or lmartina@parcenvironmental.com. Come join my team in Malaita, Solomon Islands this June/Jul 2019.
Tom and Nancy Stoeckel
MMI Founders
MMI Medical Team
June 27-July 13, 2019
Cost: $3,500
“Come join Tom and I as we head into the remote villages on the Solomon Islands. Here, as a medial team, we will provide basic health clinics, eye exams, along with nutritional health and dental education. These are the places where no one else comes. If you want to show the tangible love of Christ by caring in this underserved area, please consider joining us.” …….Nancy Stoeckel
For more information, contact Brooke, our MMI Travel Team Coordinator today at Brooke@medministries.org.