Our Shipments

We have sent medical supplies overseas to help provide life-saving medical care for thousands of people. So far, we have sent shipments to 21 different countries.


MMI ships both people and supplies overseas. Our Teams – medical and construction -travel to remote locations to provide medical clinics in areas where access to medical care is limited. 

In the past 20 years of MMI operation, we have sent over 45 sea containers of medical supplies and equipment to 21 different countries, with the contents of each container valued between $450,000-$500,000. This also represents over 900 tons of materials sent overseas that would have likely been a part of the local landfill. Shipment destinations have included Laos, DR Congo, India, Philippine Islands, Tonga, Haiti, Solomon Islands. Over the next year, we have partnerships developing and shipments planned Nigeria, Armenia, The Philipines, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


We are excited about what has been accomplished over the last 20 years. But we look to the future knowing that God’s vision for MMI goes beyond what we could hope or imagine.

Won’t you be a part of what is happening? Join us on our next voyage.