MMI has two ways you can request aid and partner with us to accomplish this goal.
Request Aid for a MMI Container Shipment
Request Aid for a MMI Warehouse Pick Up


The procedure for requesting a container of supplies and equipment from MMI is as follows:

The requesting recipient must notify MMI of the specific material resources needed in the particular country. This list should be as detailed as possible. This document should be prepared by professionals and/or beneficiary participants with the knowledge of the needs in the country. In addition, complete and submit the Container Request Form.

The following must also be provided to MMI:

  • A statement indicating that the donated goods will be distributed at no cost to the ultimate recipient.
  • An official document from the recipient country’s government stating the organization or institution has duty-free status for the goods being shipped (imported). Please submit any background literature, brochures, annual reports and other information describing the organizations involved.
  • It may be the responsibility of the recipient/sponsoring organization to cover the costs associated with the shipment (ground transportation within country).
  • Documentation stating that there are warehouse or storage facilities available for the shipment must be provided.
  • Recipients must provide complete consignee information, including a contact person, address, telephone and fax numbers and email address. The consignee must be capable of clearing the container through customs and providing appropriate logistical in-country support.
  • An outline of the distribution plan stating who the end user of the donated materials will be, and a promise to submit a written report on the distribution process once the shipment arrives.
  • Once distributed, the recipient organization is required to provide MMI with distribution reports and other documentation such as photographs, newspaper articles and letters supporting the effort by appropriate officials and professionals.

Completion of a Container Request Form does not automatically result in the grant of requested items.


MMI Warehouse Pick-Up


MMI loves to equip local medical mission teams with supplies and equipment.   Should your organization, church or NGO need medical equipment and if you are able to hand carry this equipment in your suitcases to your partners overseas, please request this aid by filling out our “MMI Warehouse Pick-Up Form”.   In addition, should your organization or NGO need medical supplies but don’t require a MMI shipment but you are able to deliver this equipment yourself to your partners, please also fill out this MMI Warehouse Pick Up Request Form.


Container Request Form
Warehouse Pickup Request Form