Remy Lahrman just celebrated her 75th birthday this past weekend in the company of her many friends and family members.   To know Remy is to love Remy.  Remy has an infectious smile that exudes the love of Jesus.
Remy was born in the Philippines and came to the United States in 1963.  Her sister took her out on her first date with their friends from the Marines.   As Remy shares, “My first date was my last date.  I met my husband that night and we were married for 53 years.”  Remy is now a widow as her sweet husband went to be with the Lord 5 years ago.
Remy and her husband were blessed with two children.   Their son Michael lives in San Francisco and their daughter Remy is in San Diego.  Remy worked for the IRS for 32 years. She retired in 2013.  During this time Remy attended Fresno State University and finished her BA Degree in Accounting at the age of 39 in 1981.
Remy loves working at MMI because she knows the need first hand of 3rd world countries.  She hates to see things to go to waste.  She confesses that she sees Americans as very wasteful.  This is why she appreciates MMI.  MMI takes what would normally be thrown away and gives it to those that still need it.
Remy went with Tom and Nancy on a MMI Missions trip to Fiji in 2011.  She loves attending Peoples Church where she is in the choir and also serves in the Convalescent Ministry.    Thank you Remy for faithfully serving at MMI.