MMI has two ways you can request aid and partner with us to accomplish this goal.

1. Request Aid for an MMI Container Shipment
2. Request Aid for an MMI Warehouse Pick Up


You can request aid for medical supplies and equipment for your hospital by applying for a MMI 20 or 40 foot seaworthy container that is shipped to your hospital.   MMI has worked with over 23 countries throughout the world and has sent over 50 countries in the past 23 years.  Click here to see typically available items.

Although MMI provides the equipment, you are responsible for the shipping costs of the container to its destination.

  • 20 or 40 foot container
  • Shipping is paid by the requestor
  • Typically available items Click Here
  • Application form Click here
  • Application to shipping can take up to a year


Secondly, MMI can equip you with medical supplies and equipment for your medical mission trip or clinic, by having you come to our MMI Warehouse and pick them up yourself. For example, Warehouse Pick Up is available to youth groups, churches, and medical mission teams able to “hand carry” these items on an airplane, train, boat, etc. In addition, this is available to organizations not needing a container shipment but are able to transport a pallet of equipment via truck to their destination.

  • Missions Trips
  • Hand Carry
  • other (less than a container)
  • The requestor is responsible to pick up the supplies/equipment at the MMI warehouse
  • Typically available items Click Here
  • Application form Click Here
  • Minimum of three weeks is required prior to picking up the requested supplies/equipment

MMI Container Request Application Form
MMI Warehouse Pick-Up Form

Once the complete application is received by MMI, the MMI Board will review it for approval. It is reviewed for fit with the mission of MMI and availability of supplies/equipment. The requestor will be notified of the outcome.