Five years ago, 85 year old Oran Hildebrand was searching on The Well’s website to find a non profit where he could offer his services.  He found Medical Ministries International and decided that “since Jesus spent much of his time here on earth healing the sick” that he too should spend his time serving the sick because of Jesus’s example.
Oran has served 5 years at MMI on both Monday and  Wednesdays from 9-12 AM.  Oran leads a home group for The Well on Thursdaymornings.   They intentionally pray for MMI on a weekly basis.  Oran has invited his bible study friends to join him at MMI. One of them is Chuckie who now a regular volunteer at MMI on Mondays and Wednesdays.
After Oran’s bible study on Thursday mornings, he goes up to Hume Lake Christian Camp where he owns a family cabin. Oran was married to his wife Shirley for 51 years and is now a widow.  They have two daughters.  Oran helps his daughter prepare her booth for the Annual Country Faire at Hume Lake that is held over Labor Day Weekend. Oran spends his time fixing and repairing the donated items for the rummage sale whether it is an old clock, lamp, or piece of furniture.   Oran also has a new hobby of chain saw wood carving!!
Oran shared that he has been looking all over the bible regarding “retirement” and he still hasn’t found it.   He says “retirement” is not in the Bible, so he is going to keep serving all the days of his life.   WOW…  Oran truly is an example to us all of a life well lived for Christ and one who walks in Jesus’ example.   Thank you Oran for your years of service to MMI.