Our MMI Volunteer of the Month is Mary Yang. Mary Yang is Hmong and was born in Thailand. At the age of 3, her parents moved to the USA. From birth, Mary was diagnosed as being blind and highly visually Impaired.  Mary was mainstreamed into regular classes at Bullard High School and later Central High School. Later when she attended Clovis Adult High School a teacher said, “You need to meet my friend Carol Saul, RN.” After meeting Carol, Mary learned that Carol had a son named Michael who was also blind.   Now, Mary and Michael are boyfriend and girlfriend.
About 3 years ago, Carol began bringing Mary to MMI to help her sort medical supplies. Mary can see color.  By touch and matching similar colors, Mary is able to sort medical supplies and count them. Mary comes regularly on Monday & Wednesday.
When I asked Mary why she likes serving at MMI she shared, “I get to know lots of Christian people who believe in God and who like to help different countries.”  Mary shares that after her sister went to Africa, she came back and told Mary that there are lots of people around the world that have no running water, medicine or food.   Mary believes that volunteering at MMI is her way of helping people in other countries.  Mary always wears a a smile and is a joy to be around.