Steve Olson has been faithfully volunteering at our MMI Cedar Warehouse. When asked why he has chosen to volunteer at MMI, Steve Olson shared the following story.

“About a year ago when I had some spare time on my hands (a lot of spare time in fact) I joined my good friend
Jay Witters for a volunteer assignment with something called MMI. We drove down to a huge warehouse south of Fresno and I stepped into a new world. I liked the warehouse work, and after a few weeks I helped to load a container of medical equipment bound for Nigeria That was when the reality of what MMI does hit home to me. MMI saves lives. And then later when I viewed
Dr. Anil Henry’s presentation at the recent Gala, I was inspired to see such great documentation of our work. I also feel privileged to work here at MMI alongside people of such dedication and integrity. Plus, I love Tom’s barbecue chicken!