We wanted to let you know of an exciting change at Medical Ministries International.
MMI has switched to a new giving data base and donation portal starting May 24th, 2017.  We are now working with a more integrated accounting and donors system called APLOS.
We love it and you will love it too.  Every time you make a donation, you will get an automatic email confirmation.  We would like to ask our regular monthly donors to switch to our new APLOS system.  It is easy.  It should take less than 5 minutes to do.  On this website, all you have to do is go “Ways to Give,” then “Donate Now,” and click the “Donate” button, and you will be taken to the new giving page.

Our MMI website, MMI Facebook and MASH Facebook pages have been updated with this link for your convenience.

We will be suspending use of Quickbooks, JUST GIVE and FIRSTGIVING in the next month.  If you are currently giving using one of these methods, please make the transition as quickly as possible.  We would like to close these accounts by June 30th, 2017.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Christen Long at christen@medministries.org or call 559-324-1255.
Thank you for your support of this switch to APLOS at MMI.  MMI is a team of partners, volunteers, prayer warriors and financial donors   Consider being a financial donor today.