BioMed Technician David Majeno invites you to join him in examining and repairing medical equipment at the MMI Cedar Warehouse on Saturday, May 26th from 9-3 PM.
Every week MMI receives medical, dental, optometry, and surgical equipment from our local hospitals and clinics.
We are especially grateful to the biomedical engineers and equipment specialist in the Central Valley who ensure that the equipment in our local hospitals is well-maintained, properly configured and safely functional.  
Like our hospitals, MMI needs to check each piece of equipment before we send it.  We want to make sure it is in operable condition and in good condition for our overseas parters.  We also like to send them an instructional and installation manual with it.  Today we often can send them a website link.
MMI is a volunteer organization and we need your help.    We would love for you to join us.  On May 26 we especially need those with the following skill set:  biomedical technicians, electricians, mechanics, and engineers, etc. Those with related skills are welcome to come to.
Would you join us on May 26 from 9-3 PM?  Please bring a friend who also might have this skill set.
We will be providing you lunch and refreshments.
Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare
MMI recently joined a national organization called Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare (TECH).  It is the desire of MMI and its affiliates to maintain standards of excellence in the equipment we send overseas.  As a member of TECH, we desire that our equipment is clinically and

economically appropriate, achieves the needed clinical function, and is economically reasonable.  In many cases, the most basic equipment is the best.  MMI and TECH want to ensure that the equipment is fully operational with all essential accessories and supplies before shipping it to the end user.  We also want to send technical manuals with each piece of equipment along with installation instructions.
Your involvement in joining us examining this equipment is essential.  Please join us on May 26th.

MMI is a volunteer organization and we need your help.  We especially need those with the following skill set: biomedical technicians, electricians, mechanics, and engineers, etc.

The equipment MMI receives ranges from dental and medical equipment all the way to optometry equipment from our local hospitals and clinics.  MMI also collects eye glasses.


Saturday, May 26, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM PDT

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MMI Cedar Warehouse
2962 South Cedar Avenue
Fresno, CA 93725

DIRECTOR for the BIO MED SERVCE DAY is David Majeno.  If you are lost, please contact him at 559-779-9342.

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Christen Long
Medical Ministries International