Madera South High School teacher Joseph Coppola and 49 Madera South High School students joined MMI at our Cedar Warehouse for a morning of service. Between 4 MSHS teachers and MMI staff/volunteers, we formed 12 teams of service projects. David Majeno, BioMed Tech, took a team of students to learn how to fix biomedical equipment. Laurel Friesen, RN and Nancy Stoeckel, NP took two teams and taught them how to sort medical supplies. Pharmacist Doug Foster’s team cleaned and wrapped wheelchairs, walkers and canes. Special Ed Teacher Carol Lee Treadaway and Marlene Covey’s team cleaned and wrapped 12 hospital beds. Magdalena Ramirez-Vicens and Nora Christensen’s team cleaned our kitchen area and BBQ. Angelica Gonzalez’s team swept and vacuumed.

We commend Joseph Coppola and the 3 other MSHS teachers for their leadership and the beautiful attitude all of these students who served MMI. On behalf of the MMI Board and Staff we thank you and are so grateful.

OH YES…..The MSHS students are holding the skin of a 14-foot python that Pastor Hymman Wood brought back from Nigeria. That was the HIGHLIGHT of the DAY!