''MMI is joyful work.

I get to serve others, use my professional knowledge and fellowship with others serving people and serving God. It gives me 'heart growth'.'' - Carol Saul
MMI is always recruiting volunteers to assist us in our mission of providing hope through medical aid. Most of our volunteers are active at our Clovis location where we sort, pack and inventory medical supplies for shipment overseas. Another great opportunity for volunteer work is to join our shipping crew at our Fresno location, for those interested in putting in a rewarding day of hard labor and having the opportunity of finalizing a shipment destined for someone in need.

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The MMI Optometry Department recycles eyeglasses, sunglasses and readers.  Our volunteers examine, repair, clean and categorize each pair of glasses.  Optometrists, optometry aids and willing volunteers are welcome to join us.

MMI receives optometry and opthalmology equipment that is also sent overseas in our containers.

Please contact Ralph Handly, OD at MMI by leaving a message at our office at 559 324-1255.

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For those looking to travel around the world, provide others with basic medical care, spread the message of Christ, and get a little adventure on the side; MMI offers travel teams periodically throughout the year.

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Browse our events calendar to learn of upcoming fundraising events and volunteer opportunities, such as our “Second Saturday Serve Days”.

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Your gift will enable us to send countless tons of medical supplies overseas and continue our new focus on community development.


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