University Students: FSU, FPU, FCC, CCC, etc

MMI welcomes college students from all of our local universities.   Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Nursing and Pre-Nursing students find MMI a wonderful opportunity to do community service in a medical setting.   One of the benefits is to meet our MMI Expert Nurses who have had wonderful carriers in nursing and have much to share to [...]

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Medical and Non-Medical Volunteers

MMI highly values our nurses.  We have been blessed to have nurses from all different specialties that share their expertise in identifying and sorting medical equipment.  In turn, these nurses train and oversee non-medical volunteers to assist in sorting and packing. Whether you are pre-nursing, working in the field or a retired nurse, MMI needs [...]

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Construction Skills, Drivers, Electricians, Warehouse Workers, etc.

Jay Witter’s along with a host of others, work at the MMI Cedar Warehouse.   Their background range from business owners, managers, administrators, construction engineers, teachers, pastors, etc.  These men and women share their time and talent with MMI with organizing our warehouse from installing racking systems, building crates, driving forklifts and trucks, fixing wheelchairs [...]

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Our MMI Volunteer of the Month is Mary Yang. Mary Yang is Hmong and was born in Thailand. At the age of 3, her parents moved to the USA. From birth, Mary was diagnosed as being blind and highly visually Impaired.  Mary was mainstreamed into regular classes at Bullard High School and later Central High School. [...]

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Volunteer of the Month for April: Don Carlson

Our MMI Volunteer of the Month is Don Carlson.  Don has been faithfully serving at both MMI Warehouses.   Don shares with us, "It's all joy, joy, joy to work with such a great group of people doing one of the Lord's many callings. I was introduced to this fabulous work only last summer of [...]

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Volunteer of the Month for March: David Majeno

The MMI Board and Staff has been honored to have David Majeno serve with us as a biomedical technician. Every piece of donated medical equipment is checked out by our expert volunteer staff. MMI wants to make sure that what we send across the oceans is in great running condition and can be of service [...]

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February Volunteer of the Month: Rachel Fortner

Rachel Fortner, RN is one of our newest members of the MMI Volunteer team that comes out regularly on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Rachel shares, "I have worked in surgery as an RN (not all areas) for 37 years.  So this volunteer job is "right up my alley" as they say.  Mary Smith knew it when [...]

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2017 Volunteer of the Month for January: Mary Smith

Mary Smith has been a dedicated volunteer at MMI for the last few years.  As a former nurse, she has been invaluable in sorting and packing our equipment that comes in, and has worked to maintain our inventory system.  Mary always has a smile on her face, and a great attitude.  When asked why she has [...]

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Volunteer of the Month for December: Jay Witters

Jay Witters has been faithfully volunteering at our MMI Cedar Warehouse for many many years.  Jay is a faithful servant that picks up medical supplies and equipment for MMI.  Jay serves in whatever capacity is needed. When asked why he has chosen to volunteer at MMI, Jay shares the following story. "I was asked to volunteer [...]

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