Volunteers are the backbone of Medical Ministries International! From picking up surplus medical equipment to packing boxes, training new recruits to restructuring inventory systems, MMI volunteers are playing vital roles in MMI’s mission of supplying hope through medical aid!


When Dennis Freeman walked through the doors of MMI’s Clovis location in 2009 he had no idea what to expect. He just knew that God spared his life (twice) and it was time for him to make some eternal investments. When recounting those early days with MMI, Dennis says he realized that he was retired, not broken, and that God still wanted to use his day to day life to make a difference.

Since that time, Dennis has become one of MMI’s most dedicated and beloved volunteers. He often works closely with new volunteers, making sure they are resourced as they become acclimated to MMI procedures. His kind disposition and willingness to serve have blessed many who walk through the doors. He’s also become a medical supply expert, although he was a computer systems analyst in his pre-retirement years. He has played a huge role in a MMI’s recent transition in set-up and procedures.

Dennis says that he has always felt called to serve and support missionaries overseas. Working with MMI enables him to do just that, and also make friends who are like-minded and have the same vision. He shares that the most rewarding part of his work at MMI is hearing that a container of medical supplies has been delivered to a physician overseas.

Dennis is married to Ginger for 54 years and is also active in volunteering in his church, NorthPointe Church in northwest Fresno.