Jay Witters has been faithfully volunteering at our MMI Cedar Warehouse for many many years.  Jay is a faithful servant that picks up medical supplies and equipment for MMI.  Jay serves in whatever capacity is needed. When asked why he has chosen to volunteer at MMI, Jay shares the following story.

“I was asked to volunteer with MMI by Jerry Lange (15 year volunteer) who said I was his replacement.  Jerry still drops by to cook the volunteers a sausage lunch.  What I enjoy the most is the people of MMI; their dedication to this worthy cause is admirable. I do anything from collecting beds from local hospitals to packaging surgical tools.  Volunteers are never bored.   Donations are staged for shipment and materials are crated for safe travel at the warehouse where I volunteer.  When all is ready, we load the container on a semi and off the donations go–next container is headed for Uganda.  I invite anyone to come join us and help with  the “Hands On.”  Jay Witters