The MMI Board and Staff has been honored to have David Majeno serve with us as a biomedical technician. Every piece of donated medical equipment is checked out by our expert volunteer staff. MMI wants to make sure that what we send across the oceans is in great running condition and can be of service to our partners. Biomedical technicians like David are invaluable to us here at MMI. David Majeno shares his experience with MMI.

“I have volunteered at MMI for the past 9 months because I wanted to use my skill and knowledge to help others. I was always taught empathy and compassion by my mother and grandparents while growing up. Biomedical technicians ensure patient safety every day but my experience has mostly been for profit. I have found that volunteering is much more gratifying than profiteering. I grew up in the foothills of Raymond & Oakhurst. My grandfather was in the Navy and a scientist so I have been tinkering with electronics all my life. If you asked me what my hobby is, I would tell you that it is fixing things. I have four exceptional and unique children, three dogs and an amazing wife. (No she didn’t put me up to that). The volunteers at MMI are really friendly and fun to be around. They also have some fascinating stories about their experiences with MMI. I am glad to be a part of MMI and help those who need and appreciate our collective efforts.”

We recently had our first Biomedical Volunteer Day, led by David.  If you are a biomedical technician and would like to volunteer, please call Christen at 559-324-1255.