In June, MMI had the opportunity to send 2 40’ containers full of medical equipment to the Dominican Republic. Through Fresno native Dr. Diane Sabado, MMI learned of Dr. Ammar Ibrahim’s need to supply his diabetes clinic with medical and office equipment. Dr. Ammar Ibrahim is the Director General of the Instituto Nacional de Diabetes (INDEN) in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic (  He is part of the International Diabetes Federal in South and Central America.  The day before the volunteers came to pack the MMI container going to the DR, staff member Alisa Martin casually shared that she thought there was enough medical supplies and equipment to outfit two containers. As MMI board members we gently reminded Alisa we only had enough money for one container not two. Little did we know that God had something else in store. We learned through our shipping agent that they would allow us to send a 2nd container for a much cheaper price than the first one.  We thought that this was an incredible deal.   So, on June 8th, two MMI containers full of medical and office equipment were shipped to the DR. In addition, MMI was grateful to partner with The Word Church. Pastor JR Coleman and Pastor Rob Hutton have been working with the Sabado’s as well. Although they did not have an opportunity to visit Dr. Ibrahim’s clinic, they did get to visit and serve at the many clinics and outreaches that the Sabado’s network with.  Ted and Sandy Torosian, members of The Word, graciously helped support this container going to the DR.  Sandy Torosian is shown above with Allison Martinez, another wonderful friend to MMI.