This past August 2016 Nancy Hinds approached MMI and asked if we would partner with her in sending a 40 foot container full of medical supplies and equipment to Hospice Africa in Uganda.
MMI was honored to be asked to serve those dying and in need in Africa.
Nancy Hinds is now retired form Hinds Hospice.  However, in her retirement years, her heart has returned to Africa. In her early years, Nancy worked with the Medical Missionaries of Mary in Nigeria and in Uganda.  Recalling the great need for hospice services, Nancy felt passionate to find a way to relieve suffering in Uganda.  She was happy to find MMI and we were happy to find her.
God in His mysterious ways was working behind the scenes.   Earlier last year, two surgical tables were identified that needed to be sent to Nebobongo, DRC.  However, there was no plan to send an additional container at this time.   Nancy Hinds met JC Bataneni, MD this past September at the MMI warehouse and they agreed that they would place a couple of crates in the container to Uganda that would eventually arrive to Nebobongo.
Moreover, the E4 Project Team was planning to fly through Uganda on their way to DRC.  They offered to meet our MMI Partners in Uganda on MMI’s behalf.  Dr. Ludoviko Zirimenya, Clinical Director of Hospice Africa Uganda, met with Dan Lewan and Tania Smith of E4 Project.  They also met with Rose Mubirukato and Charles Matovu of the Kitovu Mobile which is a hospice providing services in remote areas from Masaka.  Rose and Charles shared  that the “MMI supplies will help them grow their organization to the next level by equipping several more clinics.”  MMI is grateful to Tania and Dan for making a personal connection with our partners in Uganda.