“I would like to invite you do join us on Saturday mornings at 7 AM at the corner of Ft. Washington & Friant in the parking lot. We still have room for more runners and walkers.” Samantha Husman
* A M*A*S*H Team of runners and walkers is now forming for the April 2, 2017 California Classic Half Marathon. You are encouraged to register for the 2017 California Classic M*A*S*H Team as soon as possible in order to fully benefit from the training program. No further participants will be accepted after February 12, 2017. To sign up for this M*A*S*H Team, please print the registration form.
* M*A*S*H will have a Team of runners and walkers for the November 5, 2017 Two Cities Half Marathon. Registration for the 2017 Two Cities M*A*S*H Team will open in July 2017.