Dr. Gonzalez and a team of 7 others with MMI’s partner organization the E 4 Project did not receive their VISAS in time from the DRC Embassy In Kinshasa and were not able to go to the Nebobongo Hospital as planned.
However, God in His sovereignty did allow one member of the team to make it. This was Harmonie Adams, a public health and development worker from Samaritan’s Purse currently working in Vietnam.  Harmonie is a MK-a Missionary Kid.   Harmonie’s parents Phillip and Jennifer Adams have been full time missionaries in France, Afghanistan, Niger, etc.   Harmonie was the one of the 8 person team that we all thought WOULD NOT get her VISA.  In the end, she was the only one that did get it in time to attend the special Nebobongo Hospital and Church Conference the week of January 13-21.  We are so blessed she did and so was Drs. JC and Christine Bataneni.
Harmonie speaks French.  She was able to do some consulting with the hospitals midwives and our malnutrition and malaria programs, but most importantly she conducted CHE (Community Health Evangelism) training with the hospital staff, area pastors and the denominational leadership. She also took our program leaders through additional project management training. We hear from Dr. Jean Claude that she is a highly effective teacher and that the CHE training was received with open ears and excitement.
Since then, the VISAs came through for 5 other members of the team.   Dan Lewan, E 4 Project Director, Tania Smith (sonographer) and two other videographers will leave February 27 to Nebobongo.  Tania Smith will be training Dr. Christine Bataneni (shown above with Harmonie) and two others on ultrasound sonography.
 Lord willing, they are also planning to meet our MMI Partners in Uganda…Hospice Africa where our next MMI containers is slated to go.   Inside this container are three crates earmarked for the Nebobongo Hospital!!!