The MMI Board is especially thankful for Alisa Martin
and Christen Long.  Without these two young ladies, MMI would not be able to exist on a daily basis.
Alisa Martin came to volunteer at MMI 13 years ago upon the urging of a medical friend of hers.   Alisa came on a 2nd Saturday of the Month Volunteer Day.  On that particular day, the volunteers were sorting hospital linens.  Alisa came back the following Wednesday.  On that particular day, MMI was sorting resuscitators.   Alisa was so moved by the fact that there were people in other countries that were having trouble breathing and might die due to not having a resuscitator.  It was on this day that Alisa made a commitment to MMI.  She wanted to make sure she did her part to help a sister or brother overseas with life saving supplies and equipment.   Within six months, Alisa was in charge of the 2nd Saturday of the Month work day.   Alisa then began helping with shipments.   After 11 years of volunteer service at MMIMMI hired Alisa to be the MMI Director of Warehouse Operations.   Alisa and her husband Kelly have been married for 18 years and have 3 children:  Graham, Chyna and Nate.  They are active at Northpointe Church where Alisa is a High School Small Group Leader. Alisa is also a realtor for Reality Concepts.  In her spare time, she loves to cycle and swim. She belongs to Fig Garden Swim Club and enjoy weekend bike trips.  The MMI Board is so grateful and blessed for Alisa’s 13 years of service.
Christen Long joined MMI over a year now and is our Director of Operations.  Christen truly is a gift to MMI.  Her integrity, work ethic & love for the Lord is evident every day. Christen shares:  “Working at MMI has been an amazing journey of faith for me this past year. This has been a time of looking inward, asking for God’s guidance and direction as we evaluate how our systems are functioning in the office and warehouse.  We are still in the middle of this process, and we are seeking how to make the best of the gifts that He has given us, so that we can honor Him.  However, I have learned many important things in this process. I am learning that even though His answers are not always immediately apparent, His timing is perfect, and the waiting is for my benefit so that I can grow with Him and trust His character.  I am also learning that His blessings and help are everywhere…from the amazing volunteers who don’t just share their time, but jokes, hugs, homemade cookies and endless support; to the Board Members who come alongside of us constantly to pray, give guidance and help; to those who have donated, sometimes having just lost a loved one, but offer their prayers and gifts in the midst of their loss; to those in other countries, who are in need of medical supplies, but have also poured their blessings and prayers over us in spite of the obstacles they face. These are the things that have shown me God’s power and character through MMI this last year, and how He connects each of us together!”