On March 9th, a team of MMI volunteers packed a 40-foot container full of medical equipment and supplies to be sent to Uganda.  This container was requested by Nancy Hinds on behalf of Hospice Africa in Uganda.  This shipment specifically is being targeted to serve the Kitovu Hospice Mobile Unit that serves a 250 mile region of people.  Many people in this area are dying of cancer or HIV and do not have access to a hospital or clinic.  Instead Kitovu Hospice Mobile Unit goes to them.  This particular type of care to the least of these, is exactly the type of people group that MMI loves to target.  Those that are most vulnerable, remote, hard to access, poor and unable to obtain medical services.  We are blessed to partner with Kitovu Hospice Mobile Unit in their desire to minister & care for patients in their home.
Although Nancy Hinds initiated this container, Nancy had knee surgery two days prior to the March 9th date of shipping the container, and was unable to see the container off.  To represent Nancy at this special day was her son Sean Hinds.  Also, several administrative staff members of Hinds Hospice came to MMI that morning:  Amy Tobin, CEO of Hinds Hospice;  Robert Walker, Manager of Communications and Marketing; and Connie Pulmano, MA, Director of Social Work and Chaplain Services.  We were honored with their presence.