Optometrist Ralph Handly is a member of the MMI Board and is the Director of our MMI Eye Department.  Ralph oversees the collection of eye glasses, readers, and eye equipment at both of our warehouses.  In addition, Ralph works with our MMI Staff and Volunteers Monday through Thursday mornings at both MMI warehouses. Ralph is an integral and invaluable member of the day to day operation of MMI.
MMI has had the opportunity to send eye equipment to various hospitals around the world due to the generous donations of optometrists and ophthalmologists who are upgrading their equipment or retiring from their practices.  Dr. Handly has personally picked up this optometry equipment from several states away.   Recently, he traveled to the Sacramento area to pick up eye equipment from an optometry office that was donating their equipment.
Currently, MMI is in the process of sending this invaluable eye equipment to Tajikistan, the Dominican Republic & Laos.  Please read the articles below for their unique stories.
Should you wish to donate eye glasses, readers, or sunglasses, please bring them by our Clovis MMI Warehouse.   Better yet, if you are a medical professional that would like to donate eye equipment or your time, please contact Christen our MMI Logistic Specialist at 559 324-1255 and she will connect you with Ralph Handly, OD.