MMI is sending three crates of eye examination equipment and supplies to two separate eye clinics located in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  The Solim Med Eye Clinic is a private eye clinic partially supported by US trained Ophthalmologists and the other eye clinic is located in the Tajik state run hospital in the capital of Dushanbe. The state run hospital is also partially staffed by ophthalmologists from the US. Both eye clinics train local doctors in the specialty of eye medical and surgical procedures.  Two Fresno-based ophthalmologists work in these Tajik eye clinics,  Dr. Kevin Kummerfeld works full time in the Solim Med Clinic and Dr. Mehdi Ghajar volunteers at the state-run hospital as his time permits. The equipment and supplies were donated by hospitals and eye clinics both locally and from as far away as Walla Walla, Washington.
Included in the three crates are regular eye examination equipment as well as specialty care items like an Aragon LASER microscope, a crystal lens phacoemulisfication unit, a two optic head surgical microscope (very helpful for surgical training), visual field machines, autolensometers, autorefractors, a trial lens kit and many hand instruments used in various eye surgical procedures.
Both eye clinics are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this equipment and have expressed much gratitude to MMI for providing this wonderful sight saving service.